Analytics for Physical Spaces

Understand exactly how your spaces are being used.
Creating stronger businesses, better communities, and smarter cities.

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Understand your traffic

Measure who is using your physical spaces to understand their behaviour and help boost store performance.

Act with purpose

Quantify new strategies to maximise sales by making intelligent operations and marketing decisions.

Maintain engagement

Close the loop between your customers' in-store and online activity.

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How Scout Works

Scout's hardware and software provides seamless, automatic, targeted user tracking without requiring their engagement.

Why Scout

Track your visits, analyse behaviour and trends, trigger actions, quantify ROI.

Unique vs. Return Visitor

Understand exactly who your unique and return visitors are.

This vital metric allows you to understand whether engagement practices are working and measure how often your visitors are returning. Discover what factors have an effect on their decisions such as weather, transport, promotions, and time of the year.

Dwell and Engagement

Analyse what proportion of your visitors are actual prospects.

Gain insight into what your customers are doing, whether they're after something specific or just "window shopping". Understand what zones they approach and enter, follow their journey to discover the most performant zones (the "bounce rate").

Close the Loop

Continue the journey with your visitors even after they've left.

Interpret what your visitors' level of activity is, for example, whether they're searching the internet for a better price. Complement this online activity with in-store engagement to complete the sale.

Use Cases

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What about Privacy?

Scout is serious about your privacy and that of your customers.

Data transport is over secure socket.

All data is anonymous, we do not collect any personal or sensitive data.

Users can opt-out and Scout will remove their data and ignore them in the future.

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